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The Queens Supreme Court

Feb 23, 2018

Get your teacups ready because TsMadison pours ALL THE TEA on what actually happened between her and KHIA. In the FIRST solo QUEENS SUPREME COURT podcast, TsMadison sets the record straight with FACTS about potential deals that fell through for The QUEENS COURT LIVE SHOW, including a near partnership with Nicki...

Feb 9, 2018

Oh Yes henny #TheQueensCourt Podcast is giving you the Reads and Gags!!... listen to our episode entitled GAG-O-WEEN And hear our special Guest Micheal Underwood spill the ENTIRE TEA  (Allegedly) on his LEGAL wife pastor and gospel singer and Sunday's best winner Le'Andria Johnson OMG! visit us on the web at...

Feb 2, 2018

Wassup Team #TheQueensCourt welcome to Tonites ALL NEW AfterShow from Docket 1-29-18  title "Sorry Miss Jackson"!!!! This episode We had a ton of callers calling in to weigh heavy on the NELLY VS SEXUAL ASSAULT Allegations, FLAVA FLAVS VEGAS BEAT DOWN,the GRAMMYS, Kim Kardashian's constantly naked ASS DELISHES NEW LOOK...

Jan 26, 2018

Hey my loves welcome to THE QUEENS COURT Podcast. Tonite is a ALL NEW AfterShow from Docket 1-22-18 entitled CALL YO SON! We had a ton of callers calling in giving their feed back on the Monique vs Netflix and Tia Kemp vs her Sons Father RICK ROSS! If you missed the actual episode visit us on the web at

Jan 19, 2018

Yes Gawd honey!! This is the MLK AfterShow. On This Podcast we took calls from the audience who weighed in on our Docket but some persons in particular, BEYONCE AND JAY-Z. Make sure to subscribe to our Podcast. Visit our website for The latest videos and posts!