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The Queens Supreme Court

Jan 26, 2018

Hey my loves welcome to THE QUEENS COURT Podcast. Tonite is a ALL NEW AfterShow from Docket 1-22-18 entitled CALL YO SON! We had a ton of callers calling in giving their feed back on the Monique vs Netflix and Tia Kemp vs her Sons Father RICK ROSS! If you missed the actual episode visit us on the web at

Jan 19, 2018

Yes Gawd honey!! This is the MLK AfterShow. On This Podcast we took calls from the audience who weighed in on our Docket but some persons in particular, BEYONCE AND JAY-Z. Make sure to subscribe to our Podcast. Visit our website for The latest videos and posts!

Jan 12, 2018

Brand New! Behind the 1/8/18 Facebook live show. The queens chat after their facebook live show where they discussed their return after being 'kicked out' of the Xtinct show in Atlanta.

Jan 5, 2018

This Episode is the true beginnings of the Slaughters that The Queens Court renders to the celebs! Khia spares NO ONE in this episode and Ts Madison always comes with the voice of Reason but to no avail the guillotine still comes down and heads roll the entire show!!! NEVER MISS A EPISODE! You’ll never forgive yourself.